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LEADing by example has always been what David Bowles did best.  He is a man of few words but passionate, committed and dedicated to get the job done in a superior manner.  As a young child his mother’s earliest memories are of being angry at her oldest son because he had taken apart yet again another kitchen appliance.  He would dismantle anything in the house with moving parts just so he could put it back together again but there were always a few things that he was not able to repair.  He would also spend all of the money he made from his paper route and mowing lawns on complicated plastic models of cars and then spend hours making sure they were put together perfectly.

David’s penchant for fixing things and working hard served him well when he started Environmental Services of Charlotte with his partner in 1985.  The company has consistently experienced growth in the commercial services industry, adding an electrical, cabling, controls and building automation divisions as well as new construction.  When he became the sole owner in 2002 he began to have a new vision.  A self-described ‘wrench turner’, his thoughts turned to beginning to realize that in order to continue to grow his company he needed to look at the structure of his organization like it was a machine and then try and figure out how to make it work better. Decisions were made to create management and administrative positions in the areas of organizational development, information systems technology and sustainability, thus the new approach to growth, ‘LEEDing by example’.

As a property investor, David Bowles has purchased and constructed a number of buildings within his service area. In the Spring of 2009, he aquired the building at 1000 Louis Rose Place in the University Submarket of Charlotte. Originally built in 1987 for IBM, the property has been vacant for over ten years. David's vision for the building, coupled with the guidance and expertise of his team of advisors, is transforming the building into a workplace laboratory of sustainable systems and design. The building will be the first Core and Shell Platinum LEED certified commercial upfit in the University area.

David would agree with Le Corbusier, a renowned Swiss architect who has said “A house is a machine for living in”, and thusly, a building is a machine for working in.  ‘Environmental Way’ is a development company that was created at the inception of the purchase of the building at 1000 Louis Rose Place.  The goal is to make this building LEED certified at the platinum level.  David Bowles no longer just wants to make sure that machines run properly but he wants to show the community that when buildings are run more efficiently they save energy and help make the world work better, practically and environmentally one building at a time. 

In his free time he enjoys playing golf and spending time with friends and family, especially his 5 children.









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