Environmental Way
Project Team
David Bowles, Owner & Leader Stephen Overcash, AIA  Eric Blomendale
Environmental Services of Charlotte Overcash-Demmitt Southern Energy Mgmt.
HVAC Architects   Solar
1000 Louis Rose Place, Suite 100  Office: 704-926-3369 Office: 866-575-9151
Charlotte, NC 28262 sovercash@odarch.com  Cell: 704-654-5239
Office: 704-596-7986     http://www.odarch.com/ eric@southern-energy.com 
dbowles@esofc.com http://www.southern-energy.com/
www.esofc.com Keith Pehl, Principal
Optima Engineering, P.A. Emmanual Darby
Vickie Pennington, President/Owner Office: 704-338-1292 CRS Systems, Inc.
EMCI, Ltd. kpehl@optimapa.com  Fire Alarm/Security
Electrical & Cabling Services http://www.optimapa.com/ Office: 704-333-7600
Office: 704-333-4388                          e.darby@crsbuilding.com 
Cell: 704-996-1537 Nick Dietz www.crsbuilding.com
vpennington@emcielectrical.com Interiors Group, Inc.
www.emcielectrical.com General Contractor Eric Hobbs, Sales Engineer
                                                                            Office: 704-527-8824 Weeks-Williams-Devore, Inc
Kevin Dale, Vice President nickdietz@interiorsgroupinc.com Fulton Boilers
BB&T – Commercial Banking Office: 704-882-4900
Office: 704-954-1015           Mark Connell eric.hobbs@wwdclt.com
Cell: 704-241-3738 Hoffman and Hoffman www.wwd-inc.com
kddale@bb&t.com Office: 704-364-4700
                                                                            mark.connell@hoffman-hoffman.com Brendan Bambrick, Sr. Vice Pres.
Charley Leavitt www.hoffman-hoffman.com Shelco, Inc.
Keystone Partners General Contractor
Senior Vice President Angela Millwood-Wyant Office: 704-367-5600
Office: 704-927-3002 AHF Communications, LLC http://www.shelcoinc.com/
cleavitt@keystonepartnersnc.com Business Communication Consultant
www.keystonepartnersnc.com Office: 704-588-5006 Gary Caudle
                                                                          Cell: 704-421-1882 Ferguson Enterprises
Beth Machen, President angela.wyant@ahfcommunications.com Office: 704-370-2020
Machen Advisory Group www.ahfcommunications.com Gary.Caudle@Ferguson.com
Commercial Real Estate www.ferguson.com
Office: 704-348-2431 David McCarthy
Cell: 704-726-8193 Carrier James Thompson
bmachen@machengroup.com Office: 704-521-6206 ChemTreat, Inc.
                                                                        david.w.mccarthy@carrier.utc.com Cell: 704-589-9867
Tom Strum, Sr. Sales Exec www.carrier.com jamest@chemtreat.com
Kohler www.chemtreat.com
Office: 704-902-5638 Ken Hartsell
tom.strum@kohler.com  Profitters Greg Barnes
www.kohler.com Office: 704-888-5005 ActiveLogix
kenhartsell@bellsouth.net  Office: 704-553-8510
Ricky Jennings greg@activelogix.com
R-N-J Plumbing Jerry Hammer www.activelogix.com
Office: 704-914-7500 AME Crane
Rjfisherman@gmail.com Office: 704-574-5694 Linda and Bill Bowles
Jerry.Hill@ameonline.com Unlimited Engraving, Inc.
Office: 704-332-4800
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